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    13Ah battery, 16Ah battery, 36v standard charger

    This is currently the most modern type of batteries currently used in electric bicycles.
    Battery 36V 13 Ah/16Ah electric bike, designed to be mounted on the frame. The battery is equipped with an electronic battery management system. This is the same battery without the charger.

    The battery is for SX and X-CROSS bikes

    Li-NCM batterry is characterized by:

    • No memory effect when charging
    • Large energy capacity at low volume
    • Long lifetime
    • A wide operating temperature range: -10 °C to + 40 °C

    This product meets the newest European Union electric bike standard EN 15194





    Standard 36V ecobike charger, designed to charge ecobike lithium-ion batteries.

    INPUT: 220-240VAC; 50-60 Hz 90W
    DC OUTPUT: +36V – 2A

    Correct charging:

    1. Insert the charger plug into the socket in the battery, and then connect the charger cable to the power socket.
    2. When the charger light is red, the battery is charging. When the red light turns green it means that the battery is fully charged (Fig.1).
    3. After charging is complete, disconnect the cable from the wall outlet first and then from the battery.
    4. Never leave the rechargeable battery unattended.