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We’re a Ecobike Ireland.

EcoBike Ireland is Ireland's only distributor of EcoBike - electric bikes, electric mountain bikes, electric city bikes, electric hybrid bikes. Free delivery within ROI

Electric Mountain Bike

EcoBike Ireland is specialising in ebikes for everyone. We deliver anywhere in Ireland for free. Electric mountain bikes from EcoBike are one of the best out there. If you're looking for Trek, Giant, Specialized, Merida, Kross, Author, Kellys, Romet you must try EcoBike.

Electric City Bike

City Bikes - electric urban bikes or City Ebikes - are EcoBike's bread and butter. Equipped in Shimano our e-bikes are proved to be reliable.

Electric Hybrid Bike

Trekking E-bikes aka Hybrid Electric Bikes are filling the gap in between E-MTB and ECity bicycles. EcoBike Ireland has large selection of Hybrid ebikes in stock available for immediate delivery.



Although electric bikes or E-bikes are still very much a minority of the bicycles sold in Ireland they are becoming increasingly popular and could be a big part of bringing down Ireland's transport emissions.

Urban Electric Bike

You still have to pedal on an E-bike, the electric motor assists you, taking some of the strain, but only up to 25km per hour. This is for legal reasons. If the motor moves the bike without you pedalling or helps at speeds over 25kph then Irish law classifies the bike as a vehicle which must be taxed and insured.

Cycle to Work

E-bikes are eligible for the Bike to Work Scheme but that covers only the first €1,500, which covers the price of most EcoBike electric models.

E-bikes could be a big part of that and would reduce traffic congestion as well carbon emissions.

Cross and Gravel Ebikes

Ride all the way across town with comfort, ease and style. Commute every day, pick up the groceries, or take the long route just for the fun of it. Long-lasting power and Smart Assist technology make the new Entour E+ irresistible. Smooth-riding E-bike can help you cover longer distances with less time and effort. Assist technology determines and provides just the right amount of support you need to have a comfortable ride. You can tune your support levels 1-6. Most of our city bikes also gives you the power to ride further with large battery that mounts neatly behind the saddle on the rear rack.

Shopping around? Halfords? Decathlon? CycleSuperstore? GreenAer? Eurocycles? Not sure where to go?

We recommend giving EcoBike Ireland a try when on the market for Electric Bike. Donedeal and Adverts are great source of second hand bikes, local shops supply with both new and used. Websites like Trek Bikes, Giant Bicycles, Rothar, ebikesireland, eurocycles, vanmoof and other are great source of new ebikes. EcoBike Ireland is quickly gaining it's high presence on the Irish market of electric cycles.

Experience the incredible joy and freedom that comes with riding an E-bike. Not only is riding great for you; it is a mood booster, and destresser, it's great for our planet. Why not try one today?

We like to be considered as local to you. Similar to Coyne Cycles, we're there for you. Ready to deliver your bike/test bike asap. Kuma Bikes are our competition. E-trekking bikes are versatile, robust bikes designed to ride on tarmac, gravel paths and light forest trails.

Ebikes City Ebikes.

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